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Try the Super Meme Yourself game to see what you'd look like as Batman or Joker. Pick the best catchphrases and create your meme to show to your friends!

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Have you ever wanted to see yourself as Batman or The Joker? If so, the Super Meme Yourself game is the perfect place for you! Are you the hero type, or would a villain fit your best? If it's hard to decide, why not try both?

You will see yourself as the two famous characters and use some of their famous catchphrases. Are you excited to see what we have in stock for you? If so, let's get you into the photo booth and create a super meme to show off to your friends and family!

How to Play

Firstly, you should learn how to use the super meme machine! You only need to use your mouse to go through all the available choices. So, your focus should always be on letting your creativity flow to create the perfect photo!

There are three steps to this adventure! The first one is to choose your photo! You can upload one from your computer or take one on the spot! Also, you can proceed without a picture if you only want a meme with one of the two characters.

The second step is choosing between Batman and The Joker! Don't shy away from picking the clown. Trying him out doesn't make you an evil person, just a curious one! And you can always redeem yourself with Gotham's number one protector, the Dark Knight!

Lastly, choose your catchphrase. There are a plethora of to pick from movies and shows of the two characters. However, you should go through each one and see what fits perfectly. Also, they have a comic-book-like background for each one, which is customizable. You can use it to make it seem like your line is said in a fighting setup, thought, and more!

Are you ready to create your super meme with Batman and Joker? Let's get you started and see what you can put together!