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Play the Batman Revolutions game to save Gotham from an unknown alien force. Join Batman in his efforts to destroy the drones and take down the alien boss!

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About Batman Revolutions Game

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Unknown alien forces launched a surprise attack in the Batman Revolutions game, and Gotham City is severely damaged! Luckily, Batman is on the case and tries to stop the invaders. However, he cannot clear this mission without the help of a trusty sidekick. Are you the right person to join Bats in this adventure?

Your job is to help the Dark Knight get past the alien drones and destroy their master! On the other hand, the troops you will have to face are not as easy to overcome as you might think. So, you should look around for any helpful tool you might find!

How to Play

Before you get to smashing alien drones, you should learn the controls! Here they are:

 - Arrow Keys: Move around. 

 - Spacebar: Throw your Batarang.

 - X: Use your Special Power when you have it available!

However, your enemies will try to get you too. So, try to always move with a plan in mind!

There are loads of levels to complete, and you cannot clear them all if you don't gather Bat-items for your Batmobile. You can craft vehicles with these items like a Bat-sub, Bat-tank, Bat-wing, and Bat-jet. All will help you get through different terrain until you reach the final Alien Boss!

The enemies that will try to stop you are plenty, but they can be grouped into three types:

 - Gliders: The most common type! They will shoot at you immediately, so try to take them down quickly!

 - Snipers: These drones can be spotted clinging to objects and will take a shot whenever you approach.

 - Boomers and Bobbers: They explode on contact, and the only way to take them down is by shooting them from a distance.

Even though the alien drones might sound dangerous, you can take them down with a couple of Batarangs, so don't be intimidated! However, it's game over if you let them do too much damage to Batman.

There is more you should know!

There will be a couple of tools to make your journey easier. For example, here is a list of all the pick-ups you can try:

 - Batarang crates: Pick them up to refill your ammo!

 - Lives: They look like Batman's face, and you can use them to get extra lives.

 - Bat items: You need to collect three per level to upgrade your Batmobile.

 - Shield: Use them to regenerate one unit on your Shield Meter. If this meter runs out, you will lose a life point!

Each one is as important as the rest, so you should aim to pick them all up when you have the chance!

Another category of helpful tools is Special Weapons:

 - Energy Ball: Activate it to run over and destroy whatever stands in your way!

 - Bombs: Drop them on your enemies.

 - Mortar: Shoot the shells to shower the ground below.

 - Missiles: After launching, they spread out and fly fast to their target.

 - Death Ray: A beam of energy destroying everything in its path.

Every weapon will help you cut through the alien drones like butter. Without them, you might not be able to reach the boss with only the Batarangs.

Are you ready to destroy the alien army? Let's join Batman and save Gotham City!