Gotham Dark Knight: Total Blackout

Try the Gotham Dark Knight: Total Blackout game to help Batman stop Joker's plan! Can you defuse all bombs in time to avoid Gotham's electric power crisis?

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About Gotham Dark Knight: Total Blackout Game

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In the Gotham Dark Knight: Total Blackout game, Joker returned to his evil duties. He planned to blow up Gotham City's power plant and bring the town into darkness! However, Batman is here to save the day once again. Do you think you can help him stop Joker's plan?

Your job is to help the Dark Knight defuse every bomb around the power plant. However, the trickster will not let you win this easily. You'll have to be quick and think fast to come out on top! Do you think you can save Gotham from this crisis?

How to Play

Before you start defusing dangerous bombs, you will have to learn the controls! Fortunately, you will have to use your arrow keys. Here is a list of what each can do:

 - Right and Left arrow keys: Move around

 - Up arrow key: Jump on the platforms

 - Down arrow key: Defuse the bomb

Sounds pretty easy so far, right? However, your reflexes should be on point if you want to reach each bomb on time!

Your job is to defuse the bombs in order before their timer runs out! However, if you miss one, Batman will lose one health point. He only has three, so if all of them are lost, your efforts would be in vain, and the Joker would win. At the same time, you can regenerate one health point if you find extra lives around the power plant!

What else you should know

Try to achieve as many points as possible. You can do this by defusing all the bombs. Also, if you manage to defuse the bomb before the time runs, you can receive some points for the remaining seconds. So, try to get rid of all the bombs as quickly as possible if you want the highest score!

You should be aware of all the obstacles surrounding you. For example, some cranes might move when you need them to stay still. Also, look out for the conveyor belts and toxic chimneys that can also slow you down! If you can get past every obstacle, there is no chance something will stand in your way!

Are you ready to stop Joker's tricks and defuse all the bombs around the power plant? Let's see if you can prevent Gotham City's power crisis before it's too late!