The Umbrella Attack

Play The Umbrella Attack game to guide Batman up and down Gotham's buildings to catch Penguin! Can you drive the Jet Pack and Batglider to save the day?

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About The Umbrella Attack Game

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In The Umbrella Attack game, the Penguin is up to no good, and Batman needs your help to bring him to justice! However, the villain lured the Dark Knight to his territory, full of his helpers and traps! Can you help Bats chase his foe and save the day?

Penguin is using his umbrella to fly up and down the buildings of Gotham. Your job is to help Batman control his Jet Pack and Batglider until he catches him! Will your flying skills be enough for this adventure? Let's get you ready for action and see what you've got!

How to Play

Before you venture into the action, you have to learn your controls! Here is a list with everything you need:

 - Left arrow key: Move Left.

 - Right arrow key: Move Right.

 - Up arrow key: Speed up while flying your Jet Pack

 - Down arrow key: Speed up while using the Batglinder

 - Spacebar: Restore the Jet Pack

It might seem a lot to take in, but fighting crime is not an easy task! With some attention and practice, you will sort everything out in no time!

The game has two stages, each with a timer of fifty seconds, and you can choose three difficulties! Firstly, you should fly up the building until you reach the roof. The second stage is to glide down the building, meaning you got two chances to catch Penguin. However, if you fail to capture him or run out of time, it's game over for you!

Besides the balconies, fire escapes, and electrical hazards, Penguin has some help to keep Bats away! His Kabuki Thugs are throwing bombs, and each bomb dodge is worth seventy-five points! However, if you get hit by something, your energy level will decrease, and the chase is over if it all runs out! Be careful while gliding because you can only regenerate the Jat Pack's energy!

What else you should know

There are some tools to help you out! For example, look around for the clocks to collect time bonuses. Also, keep an eye out for Batman's emblem to achieve some extra points. If you can grab loads of these helpers, you will have plenty of time to grab points and catch Penguin! See? This mission might not be as hard as you thought!

Are you ready to jump into the adventure to help Batman catch Penguin? Let's get your superhero suit on and see if you can go up and down Gotham's buildings until you bring the criminal to justice!