The Batman Thief Locator

Try the Batman: Thief Locator game to help the Dark Knight find all the villains of Gotham. Get Joker, Cat Woman, and many others out of their hiding spots!

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About The Batman Thief Locator Game

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The Dark Knight needs your help to locate all the criminals of Gotham City in the Batman: Thief Locator game! The Joker, Cat Woman, Mr. Freeze, and many other foes are up to no good, and you have to find them. Will your detective skills be the missing piece of Batman's plan?

Gotham is full of Super Villans, and your sole purpose is to find them with the Thief Locator. Also, there will be many clues you might find to make your job a bit easier. However, the bad guys have some aces prepared for you and Bats, so proceed cautiously!

How to Play

First, you should learn how to control the Thief Locator! You only need to use your mouse to press on the undiscovered areas around Gotham City. Try to follow every clue you find until you get the villains! There are loads of them, so arm yourself with patience if you want to see Batman's plan completed!

Your goal is to find every Super Villain on Batman's list! There are fifteen in total, and criminals like The Penguin, Riddler, Poison Ivy, and many others are amongst them! However, you will have limited moves while trying to find them. So, think carefully about every step you want to make because they will win if you run out of action!

There will be many helpful tools you can discover. Here is a list of everything you should look out for:

 - Arrows: They spin and show the location of the Villan. Their color also indicates how far you are from them. The blue one means you're far of, the yellow is medium distance, and the ones red means you are close!

 - Kabuki Thug: Give you extra moves.

 - Bag of Money: You receive three hundred extra points.

 - Green Box: Indicates that the Kabuki Thugs or Bags Of Money are close.

 - Empty Box: Clears all adjacent empty boxes.

Whatever you get, it depends on your luck and intuition. Some are easier to come by than others, but you should take advantage of all of them until you find the Villain!

There is more you should learn!

The Super Villains also have their ways to stop your search! For example, you might find a trap that will take away one move. However, the worst kind you can discover is the Booby Trap which will take away three actions from you! Try to avoid each one as much as possible!

You will also get a reward for your efforts! Besides the Bag of Cash, you will gain one thousand points for every Super Villan you catch. Also, if you manage to bust them while still having some moves left, you will get one hundred for each! So, the faster you find them, the higher your score will be!

Are you ready to search Gotham's every corner to find all the Super Villans? Batman is waiting for you in his Batcave to get the Thief Locator running!