Blue Beetle: Blast Attack

Try the Blue Beetle: Blast Attack game to fight Kanjar Ro's alien army in space. Use the energy cannon to shoot every enemy before they reach you!

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About Blue Beetle: Blast Attack Game

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Blue Beetle was o an outer space mission when he got attacked by Kanjar Ro's alien army in the Blast Attack game! There are loads of enemy waves coming to take down the hero, and he needs your help to defeat them. Can you join him on the battlefront so he can return home in one piece?

Your job is to use Blue Beetle's energy cannon and blast away every incoming foe. However, more will quickly spawn from the alien ships, and they might overwhelm you! So, try to shoot them down as fast as possible before they get the chance to reach you!

How to Play

Fighting an alien army is no easy task, so you should learn all the controls. Here is a list with everything you need to know:

 - Right and Left arrow keys: Move around.

 - Spacebar: Shoot.

Even though your shots are quick, you need a sharp eye to hit your mark. Therefore, try to take your time while aiming, and you will not miss any enemy aliens!

There will be many levels to clear, and for each one, you have a goal of aliens to defeat. For example, you will start with a target of ten aliens, and this requirement will only increase. Also, your enemies have tricks to make your job a lot harder. For example, they can go invisible for a split second and teleport closer to you, so keep an eye out for each one.

What else you should know

Don't let anyone too close to you! If an alien reaches Blue Beetle, it will cost you one life point. You only have three, and it's game over if you waste all of them.

However, if you manage to stay safe, you can build up a high score by taking down all the aliens. Each one is worth fifty points, and you'll get a bonus for every level you clear.

Are you ready to start your space adventure and help Blue Bettle take down Kanjar Ro's alien army? Let's see if your aim is good enough to shoot down every enemy!