Batman's Ultimate Rescue

Try Batman's Ultimate Rescue game to save Aquaman, Green Arrow, and more from captivity. Avoid the guards and use the Grapple Gun to rescue Bats' friends!

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About Batman's Ultimate Rescue Game

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There has been a disaster in Gotham! Some of the bravest protectors have been captured and need a way out of captivity in Batman's Ultimate Rescue game! Fortunately, the Dark Knight has come to save them all. But, the prison is full of criminals guarding the heroes. Can you help Bats save them all and get out in one piece?

Your job is to use Batman's trusty Grapple Gun to grapple down from the top of the building and grab the heroes. There are crime fighters like Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, and many more. Are you the right person to save them all?

How to Play

The Grapple Gun is not as hard to use as you'd expect. However, you still have to learn the controls! You only need your mouse! Drag it around to move Batman and hit the Left Click to grapple down. On the other hand, the heroes will also walk around, so try to anticipate their movement and drop down at the perfect time!

There will be many stages to save heroes, and for each one, you will have a goal. For example, you can start by rescuing as few as five heroes, but this number will quickly add up! Also, the guards will not sit around and watch you take them away. They prepared floating dynamite and are waiting to give you a beating if they catch you!

You will receive a couple of points for every successful grab you perform. Also, these points will grow as you advance through levels. However, try to avoid getting hit by any trap or criminal. If you do, you will lose a health point, and the mission is over if you lose all three. At the same time, you will lose your entire score!

Are you ready to help Batman save his friends from captivity? Let's grab the Grapple Gun and see how you'll perform!