The Cat and the Bat

Play The Cat and the Bat game to help Batman retrieve his utility belt from Catwoman. Destroy her robotic lions and jump around Gotham to catch the cat!

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About The Cat and the Bat Game

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Catwoman has the upper hand while fighting against Batman in The Cat and the Bat game! She managed to steal his utility belt, and now, The Dark Knight is in big trouble. Can you lend him a hand in his journey through Gotham City to help him find his goods?

Your job is to jump from building to building until you find the villain cat and get back Batman's property! However, the path is full of Catwoman's robotic lions that will not let you pass so quickly. Can you take them on and help Bats reach his goal?

How to Play

Without his belt, Batman does not have many tricks up his sleeve, so the controls are not that hard to learn. Here is everything you should know:

 - Right and Left arrow keys: Move around.

 - Spacebar / Up arrow key: Jump.

 - Down arrow key: Crouch.

However, jumping from building to building is no easy task, so take your time so you will not fall on the hard concrete!

Your first obstacle will be the robotic lions. They will attack without mercy! However, you can take them down by jumping on them. The second obstacle is the city itself. There will be many places that are difficult to reach or moving platforms. But, with a bit of practice, you can overcome anything!

If you get hit or fall, you will lose a life point. You have only three, and it's game over if you lose them all. Also, the distance you cover will act as points. So try to cover a lot of ground if you want a high score while retrieving Batman's utility belt from the evil cat!

Are you ready to start running through Gotham City and retrieve Batman's trusty belt? Let's see if you can get past the robotic lions and catch Catwoman!