Batman Ice Age

Fight against the wrath of Mr. Frost in the Batman: Ice Age game! Infiltrate his bases, defeat his evil minions, and turn the weather back to normal!

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About Batman Ice Age Game

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Play the Batman: Ice Age game if you think you have what it takes to stop a terrifying villain from Gotham City! The winter seems to have arrived early this year. What is more, it isn't showing any signs of stopping. Batman and Batgirl think that the terrifying Mr. Frost is behind all this. Help them stop the snow and save Gotham!

The game consists of a thrilling adventure that takes place in Mr. Frost's secret hideouts. Can you believe that you'll get to play the role of Batman and Batgirl? Your mission is simple: take out all the enemies and find your way to the end of the level!

Even if it sounds like an easy feat, you'll soon find that this challenge test many of your superhero skills. Prove that you are as intelligent, brave, and agile as Batman and Batgirl!

How to Play

Let's learn how to control the heroes! You can run to the left or the right by pressing the Left and Right Arrow keys. To jump, press the Up key at any time. Naturally, crouching is just as easy! All you need to do is press the Down Arrow.

When it comes to attacking, you can perform a simple punch by pressing Control. For a jump kick, use the Up and Control key combination. Finally, you can use objects such as switches, elevators, or even the Batrope by pressing the Spacebar. Don't worry! You'll get used to the controls in no time!

You should also watch out for all the dangerous foes! You'll have to find a way to get past them without getting hurt. Some of them have intimidating guns or a lot of physical strength, so you have to avoid getting hurt and depleting your precious health bar!

Try to coordinate your moves and launch an attack at the right moment if you want to succeed. After eliminating the villains, collect the tokens for 50 extra points at the end of the level. Awesome!

What else you should know

What makes this challenge so interesting? It's a mix between a platformer, a puzzle, and an agility test. You'll have to figure out how to access the next part of the level by using the elevators and using different levers, switches, and buttons.

Don't forget that you can also break through walls and jump on glass surfaces to break them! You need to use all available resources to reach the final level.

Can you solve the entire case and capture Mr. Frost? It's up to you to earn a high score and prove your skills as Batman! The less you die during a level and the more enemies you neutralize, the higher the score. You'll also get extra points for using all the mechanisms, such as levers and switches.

Prove your swiftness and ingenuity in another memorable Batman adventure in Gotham City!