Batman Skycreeper

Try the Batman Skycreeper game to help Batman escape Joker's trap in one piece. Use the falling blocks to your advantage and climb them to reach the top!

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About Batman Skycreeper Game

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Joker has caught Batman between two buildings, and he drops all sorts of stuff on him in the Batman Skycreeper game! Luckily, Bats always has a plan to escape, and he uses the falling concrete blocks to his advantage. Do you think you can help him to get out of this dangerous situation?

Your job is to help the Dark Knight dodge and climb on the blocks and metal beams until he reaches his nemesis! However, you will have to plan your moves carefully if you want to use the concrete to your advantage. Are you skilled enough to make it out in one piece?

How to Play

Before you get into the action, you should learn the controls. You only need your Left and Right Arrow Keys to move around and the Up Arrow Key to jump on the platforms.

It seems pretty simple, right? However, the Joker will try to hit Batman with every block. And if you don't place yourself well to use them to your advantage, you might get trapped!

Besides the falling concrete and metal beams, Joker can use many other objects to try to defeat Batman. For example, the first thing he will throw is a gas bomb, and he will keep throwing them as you go on. If Bats inhale some of the gas, it's game over, so always try to keep moving!

If some blocks are too high to climb on, don't worry! You can briefly cling to the walls and surfaces to reach the highest point. However, it only takes one moment of carelessness to ruin all your progress. So try to be one step ahead of the Joker until you defeat him!

Are you ready to join Batman in his task to escape Joker's trap? Gear up, and let's get this adventure full of adrenaline started!