In the Heat of the Night

Play the In the Heat of the Night game to help Batman and Green Arrow stop Kanjar Ro's plan. Defeat his thugs to save Earth from violent global warming!

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About In the Heat of the Night Game

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Earth is in danger of total global warming in the Batman: In the Heat of the Night game. Kanjar Ro is using his Thermotron to pump up the heat levels. However, Batman, Gotham's greatest detective, is on the and wants to take down the villain. Can you lend him a hand to guide him to success?

There is still a missing piece to Batman's plan. He needs help from his ally, Green Arrow. However, he got caught investigating Kanjar Ro and now needs help to break free. Can you reunite the two heroes to bring down the villain?

How to Play

You cannot head into battle without knowing the controls, so here is everything you should know:

 - Left and Right arrow keys: Move around.

 - Up arrow key: Jump / Glide.

 - Down arrow key: Block / Duck.

 - Spacebar: Climb buildings (only if you're below a gargoyle).

 - A: Attack.

 - S: Throw Batarang.

 - C: Change characters.

It might seem a lot to take in, but no foe will dare to stand in your way with some practice! So, be patient and try to master every move!

On your way to Kanjar Ro, you will encounter many of his goons! Each one will charge the moment they see Batman try and stop him. Don't worry, though! They are not as powerful as they seem. You can take down the ones in green with two hits and the ones in red with four. However, they will not be your only enemies, so always be prepared for a harder brawl!

There will be some handy power-ups to get you through your journey easier. For example, you can pick up the ones looking like Batman's emblem to gain ammo. Also, you can collect the green life points to regenerate health and pick up the extra lives! If you lose all your lives, it's game over!

Are you ready to join Batman in his efforts to reunite with Green Arrow and take down Kanjar Ro? Let's see if you can stop his plan and keep Earth safe!