The Cobblebot Caper

Embark on a thrilling adventure with The Cobblebot Caper game! Follow Batman as he beats up baddies all over Gotham and faces the vile Penguin leader!

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About The Cobblebot Caper Game

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Don't miss out on The Cobblebot Caper game if you have ever dreamed of playing the role of Batman! The superhero protagonist can take on almost any kind of enemy, thanks to his high-tech equipment. However, he'll still need to prove his agility and intelligence if he wants to clear up the streets of Gotham! Can you give him a hand?

This adventure consists of four levels in the Gotham Bank, a laboratory, and a steelwork factory. The last stage will give you the chance to explore Penguin's Mansion. Your mission is to face off the evil masterminds of Gotham and their goons. Defeat them all to prove that you are worthy of being a Batman fan!

How to Play

Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move around each location. You can use the Up Arrow to look up, while the Down Arrow will help you crouch. Jumping is just as easy as all you need to do is press the Space Bar. What is more, you can press and hold the same key to glide and cross ever wide gaps. That's so fun!

Be prepared to face any kind of enemy along the way! From gangsters to maids, they all want to kill Batman. Therefore, you should use your best moves to get rid of them! Punching can be performed by pressing the S key, and the D key allows you to kick. If you want to use the Batarang, you can do so by pushing the A key. Combine these cool moves any way you want!

Remember to pick up all the bat symbols you can find! These will refill your supply of ammo for the Batarang. What is more, they will show you the right path in the complicated platform labyrinth that you need to navigate!

What else you should know

Be careful! You will need to explore the lairs of many evil villains, such as the Penguin Gang or the Kabuki Girls. As you can imagine, you'll come across plenty of obstacles that you'll have to avoid. Jump over puddles of acid and use the elevators to move swiftly through all the levels!

You should always expect the unexpected! A timed bomb is just one of these unpleasant surprises. Whatever you do, make sure you don't get hit too many times, or you'll need to start all over again! Every time you lose a life, you'll have to restart the level. When all five lives run out, you have to start the game from scratch. Yikes!

Have you managed to reach the final confrontation with The Penguin? This evil villain has a robotic suit that protects him from all attacks. If you manage to defeat him, you'll prove that you're just as agile and intelligent as the legendary Bruce Wayne. Stop hesitating and start this Batman adventure!