Two-Face Chase

Try the Two-Face Chase game to help Batman and Robin drive the Batmobile and save the day. Chase Two-Face through Gotham and bring him and his team down!

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About Two-Face Chase Game

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Batman and Robin are racing around Gotham City to catch another band of criminals in the Two-Face Chase game! Two-Face and his team are trying to escape justice using their vehicle. However, The Dark Night's Batmobile can catch up to any car! Can you get behind the wheel and help the heroes save the day?

Your job is to drive the Batmobile as fast as possible until you catch up to the villain. However, Gotham is still heavily populated even at night, and you should try to avoid any collision if you want to keep the citizens safe. Will your driving skills be the missing piece of Two-Face's downfall?

How to Play

Before you get the engine started, you should know the controls! There are three lanes on every street you will chase Tow-Face on. You only need your Left and Right arrow keys to change between them. Also, you should have sharp reflexes if you want to switch lanes quickly and avoid dangers!

There are three levels to clear, and each will become harder and harder. Also, besides the cars of civilians, there are other obstacles you should dodge! For example, there are many construction sites you can hit. At the same time, you will slow down with every hit you take, so try to avoid a collision at any cost if you want to catch Two-Face!

You should grab as many points as possible! They look like Batman's emblem, so they are quick to recognize. Also, these will not only get you a higher score but also give you a speed boost. So, it would be a shame if you would not do your best to collect them all!

Are you ready to join Batman and Robin in their car chase after Tow-Face and his team? Let's see if your skills behind the wheel will save Gotham City from another threat!