What are the most popular Batman Games?

  1. Justice League: Nuclear Rescue
  2. LEGO: Mighty Micros
  3. The Cobblebot Caper
  4. Super SigFig Creator
  5. Justice League: Story Maker
  6. The LEGO Batman Movie Games
  7. DC Universe: Super Heroes
  8. Shadow Combat
  9. Caped Crusader Chase
  10. Justice League: Brink of Apokolips

What are the best Batman Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Justice League: Nuclear Rescue
  2. Super SigFig Creator
  3. Justice League: Story Maker
  4. The LEGO Batman Movie Games
  5. Shadow Combat

Welcome to Gotham City!

Explore a captivating world of crime and justice in the Batman Games! DC Comics has created a fascinating universe around one of its most famous superheroes, the legendary Batman. Can you guess how old Batman is? You might be surprised to find out that he is over 80 years old. Wow!

Ever since his very first appearance in Detective Comics in 1939, fans have loved this mysterious vigilante. What is more, readers can't get enough of Gotham City, a huge fictional city loosely based on New York. Why is that? Read on to find out!

Gotham is an American city riddled with corruption, crime, and danger. As you can imagine, it looks just like that! If you take a walk in the streets of this dark and moody place, you'll come across plenty of modern skyscrapers, as well as creepy street corners and dangerous alleys. 

However, just like Manhattan, this city's moody atmosphere has a certain charm to it. With crime rates rising every day, Gotham needs someone to protect the good citizens. Who will beat up the scummy street rats and break up the nets of high-level corruption?

The City of Gotham needs to be protected by someone who knows the streets like the back of his hands. He has to be very strong, financially potent, and extremely intelligent. Can you think of someone who will fit the bill? Luckily, creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger had the perfect person in mind!

The hero of the Batman Games

In the public's eyes, Bruce Wayne is a billionaire in his prime, notorious for owning Wayne Enterprises, a huge and successful business. Most people in Gotham think of him as a typical rich guy spending his family money on women and fun.

However, Bruce hides a dark secret. Did you know that the mob killed his parents when he was just a young boy? As a result, the boy has suffered serious trauma. From that moment, Wayne has promised to rid Gotham of crime!

Bruce Wayne has no superhuman powers. However, he has invested a large part of his fortune in training his body and mind. What is more, he used his wealth and intelligence to develop cutting-edge technologies for his Batsuit and weapons. As a result, he has become one of the strongest and most talented detectives in the world!

Would you like to test out some of his high-tech gear? The Batmobile is the best example of Batman's awe-inspiring gadgets. It's a dream for any driver! Try it out and catch plenty of villains in the Batman: Street Force game!

Despite seeming like a lonely and cold-blooded figure, Batman has help from some allies. For instance, he would be lost without Alfred Pennyworth, his loyal butler! In the absence of his parents, Alfred raised and cared for Bruce, the Wayne Manor, and the Batcave. Make no mistake, as this perfect English gentleman is also a talented fighter!

What is more, Alfred's not afraid to criticize his employer when he deserves it. You can meet him, as well as Robin, Batman's superhero right-hand, Batgirl, Catwoman, and other heroes from the Justice League! Just keep exploring the world of Gotham with games such as Batman: Shadow Combat!

Beware of the blood-chilling villains!

What makes Batman's job so difficult is that Gotham is crawling with baddies! From petty thefts to bank robberies, abductions, and high-level organized crimes, there are no quiet days in Gotham! Therefore, Wayne has to be on guard constantly.

For example, one of his biggest challenges is dealing with organized crime. It's such a big and complicated network! Have you heard about the Penguin Gang? These mercenaries work for one of Gotham's most infamous crime lords, Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a. The Penguin. Can you face this baddy, his goons, and his high-tech umbrella? Give it a try with The Cobblebot Caper game!

An even more infamous villain of Gotham is Joker. In fact, he is Batman's archenemy. Even though he might seem just a lunatic living in Arkham Asylum, this antagonist is much more! Joker is highly intelligent, ingenious, and very talented in combat. What is more, his warped view on life makes him a ruthless criminal who terrorizes Gotham just for fun. Yikes!

Can just one man keep the peace in the wild urban jungle of Gotham? There is only one way to find out! Join the Dark Knight on his missions to bring justice in the dark alleys of his hometown! If you manage to keep up with his intelligence and ability, you'll have a blast playing the Batman Games!

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