Ice Cold Getaway

Try the Ice Cold Getaway game to help Batman retrieve the stolen diamonds from Gotham's Museum. Are your driving skills good enough to catch Mr.Freeze?

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About Ice Cold Getaway Game

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Mr. Freeze stole Gotham's Museum diamond collection, and Batman needs to stop him in the Ice Cold Getaway game! Luckily, the Dark Knight has his trusty vehicle by his side and is chasing down the thief. Can you help him navigate through the icy roads and catch Mr. Freeze?

You should not underestimate this villain! He prepared loads of obstacles to make your ride a lot harder. However, he dropped some precious jewels in his rush, so you should collect as many as possible. Do you think you can reach the finish line in one piece and grab loads of diamonds?

How to Play

Batman's vehicles are no joke, so you should first learn the controls before piloting them! Luckily, they are pretty simple, so you should not have any problems. Just use the Left and Right Arrow Keys to move around and the Spacebar to shoot the iced obstacles.

You will have loads of levels to clear before you reach Mr. Freeze. Also, you will have a goal you will have to complete. For example, you will have to collect fifty diamonds on your first run. If you fail to complete this task, you will have to start all over! This goal will only increase, so make sure you adapt quickly and do not miss any diamonds!

Mr. Freeze has prepared loads of obstacles for you, and you will also have to worry about the environment. You can destroy only the iced barriers. The other objects, you will only have to dodge! However, if you get hit three times, you will lose a health point and have to restart the level. At the same time, if you lose all three life points, Mr. Freeze will get away!

Are you ready to help Batman retrieve the precious diamonds and retrieve them to Gotham's Museum? Buckle up, and let's see if you can put up with all the challenges Mr. Freeze has prepared for you!