Batman: Difference Detector

Try the Batman: Difference Detector game to analyze picture pairs and spot their dissimilarities. Test your attention and meet many heroes and villains!

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About Batman: Difference Detector Game

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It is time to put your detective skills to the test in the Batman: Difference Detector game! There will be a catalog of paired pictures of some of the most recognizable figures from Batman's universe, like Plastic Man, Joker, and even the Dark Knight himself! Aren't you excited to see them all?

The pictures will always come in pairs, and your job is to discover all the subtle differences between them. However, you will need great attention to detail to succeed. If that sounds like you, let's start this search and see what you've got!

How to Play

Firstly, let's get into the controls! You only need your mouse to Left Click on all the differences you find. Also, you will have a matching cursor on the second picture to help you identify the dissimilarities easier. However, it can't get you too far. You still have to rely on your attention for the most part!

There will be many pairs of pictures for you to discover and analyze. For each one, you will have to find five differences. Some might be easy to spot, but most are well hidden, and it will require a trained eye to spot. So, don't be disappointed if you don't get all of them at first. Just keep looking, and you'll eventually find everything!

You will get a couple of points for every dissimilarity found. If you would like a high score, you should try to go through as many pictures as possible! Don't worry, though! You will see many epic encounters and fights, and even some of the Batmans from parallel universes. So it will be worth your time!

Are you ready to play detective and see if you can spot all de differences in all of Batman's pictures? See if you can meet all the heroes and villains in the catalog!