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Grab your Batarang and show off your hero abilities in The LEGO Batman Movie Games! Complete various challenges and save the day together with Batman!

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About The LEGO Batman Movie Games

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Give The LEGO Batman Movie Games a try and prepare to have some fun with your favorite superheroes! Batman can never catch a break in Gotham city because the villains are always at work. This time, you get the opportunity to help the Dark Knight and embark on various missions to save the day! Are you ready to give this challenge a go?

The six levels of this game will put your quick reflexes and precision to the test! Prove your skills and grab your trusty Batarang to get to work! Whether you have to stop the Joker's plan, help Alfred take pictures, or make a delicious smoothie, you must help Batman save the day. If you can succeed, you will unlock a special challenge!

How to play the mini-games

Are you ready to get started? Luckily there are no special tools involved because you only need your mouse and keyboard. Left-click on the screen to throw your Batarang or to take pictures. Once it's time to surf, simply tap on the Right Arrow key and guide the hero through the rings!

Can you overcome all six challenges the game has to offer? The missions include stopping the Joker's escape, slicing fruit for the perfect smoothie, riding a dolphin through the waves, and much more!

Here is the list with all the mini-games you can play:

- Alfred's Bat-Snaps: Help Alfred take pictures of Batman and his friends without getting the villains on film.

- Stop Joker's Escape: Prevent Joker's escape by popping his balloons with Batarangs.

- Fruit Bat Smoothie: Throw Batman's Batarang to slice fruits for the perfect smoothie.

- Lobster Thermidor Cook-Off: Stop each power slider in the green area to not overheat Batman's favorite dish.

- LEGO Batman Dolphin Rider: Move Batman left or right to surf through the rings.

If you can make it to the end of each stage, you will earn three stars. However, if you make too many mistakes, the challenge will end earlier than expected! 

What else you should know

There's no countdown timer in any mission, so there's no need to rush. Instead, try to stay as focused as possible. For instance, during Fruit Bat Smoothie, you must be precise when slicing fruit for your smoothie. There are smoke bombs mixed in as well, so it's quite easy to slip up if you're not paying attention!

Have you managed to complete the first five missions successfully? If so, it's time to unlock the final stage. The Games Assembled mode is the last step of your LEGO adventure! Show off your skills in this challenge, and Gotham will be safe again!

Now that you know the basics, it's time to get started! Join Batman and his friends and put an end to the villains' evil plans for good!