Countdown to Conflict

Try the Countdown to Conflict game to help Batman and his team infiltrate Clock King's hideout. Fight his goons to discover who released him from prison!

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About Countdown to Conflict Game

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The Clock King escaped from captivity and returned to Gotham City to cause mayhem alongside his gang of thugs. Can you help Batman stop his evil doings in the Countdown to Conflict game? You might also find out who helped him get out of prison. However, he will not go down without a fight, so get ready for a brawl!

Your goal is to infiltrate Clock King's hideout and bring down his criminal operation. Be careful, though! He has his best men guarding him at all times. However, Bats' also has the help of Aquaman, Blue Beetle, and Green Arrow on his side. No foe can stand a chance against a team like this!

How to Play

Before you get into the action, you need to learn how to fight! Here is a list of everything you should know:

 - Right and Left arrow keys: Move around/Dodge side attacks.

 - Down arrow key: Dodge central attacks.

 - A and D: Punch.

 - S: Uppercut.

 - Spacebar: Use Batarang.

 - Enter: Call for your superhero sidekick.

It might take time to get used to fighting all the goons, but you will be unstoppable once you get the hang of it. So, be patient and give it your best!

There will be loads of areas you will need to clear before you reach The Clock King, and you will face many types of enemies. Each has its 
fighting style, so try to take your time to find the best approach. Also, you will need to empty their health meter to defeat them.

Batman also has a health meter that will go down if you get hit. You will lose a life point if it's emptied, and if you lose all three, it's game over! At the same time, you should pay attention to your time and try to clean up an area before it runs out. If it does, you will also lose a life point!

There is more you should know!

There are a couple of ways you can make your adventure easier. For example, your sidekick meter will fill up as you punch through the goons, and you can summon Aquaman, Blue Bettle, or Green Arrow once it's filled. However, it will reset if you get punched, so try to stay as safe as possible!

Lastly, you can use your trusty Batarang to inflict more damage on your enemies. However, you can only use three per life, so make sure you maximize their worth! Also, if you take down every enemy, you will finish with a high score at the end of your journey, so try to beat them all up!

Are you ready to fight alongside Batman, Aquaman, Blue Bettle, and Green Arrow to stop The Clock King and find out who broke him out of prison? Let's see if your fighting skills are enough to take down all of his thugs!