Mystery of the Batwoman

Help Batman uncover a secret in the Mystery of the Batwoman game! Can you infiltrate the Penguin Gang lair and find the identity of the superheroine?

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About Mystery of the Batwoman Game

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Play the Mystery of the Batwoman game if you want to experience a true adventure in the company of the legendary Bruce Wayne! If you are a fan of Batman, you know that the relationship between him and the legendary Batwoman is complicated and filled with many mysteries.

This time, our protagonist is trying to hunt down his female counterpart and find out more about her. However, she has managed to get in trouble with the Penguin Gang!

This challenge consists of a single long level that will force you to infiltrate the headquarters of a criminal organization. Navigate the platforms and beat up all the foes to reach Batwoman! Will you manage to catch her? The chances are pretty slim!

How to Play

Being Batman is not an easy feat. However, the controls are pretty easy to grasp! Use the Left and Right arrow keys to move around the platforms. To jump, all you have to do is press the Up Arrow. Naturally, you can crouch using the Down arrow.

Besides, you can even use gargoyles to get even higher than a regular jump. Press the Space Bar to hook the Batrope to a gargoyle. Isn't that fun?

Getting rid of villains is going to be difficult in this game! Each one of them has a different type of weapon. For instance, you might come across a baseball, a laser, or even a machine gun. Depending on this, you'll need to adjust your strategy. Observe your enemy! Figure out their movement pattern and start crouching and jumping to avoid their hits!

Once you get close enough to hit them, you can press the Control button for a punch. For a jumping kick, simply press the Up  Arrow, then Control for a jumping kick. Awesome!

What else you should know

Always keep an eye on the health bar and life counter in the upper left corner of the screen! As soon as the health bar runs out, you'll need to restart the level. You only have three chances to find Batwoman, as you only have three lives. After they run out, you'll need to start from scratch! Yikes!

Are you ready to face the final boss? He will try to shoot you down with his machine gun. Therefore, you'll have to show your intelligence and agility to get past him and reach Batwoman. 

Depending on how many lives you have to spend, the total time, and the enemies defeated, you'll get your final score. Can you reach the top 10 scores and figure out the Mystery of Batwoman? There's only one way to find out!