Arkham Asylum Breakout

Play the Arkham Asylum Breakout game and help the Joker dig his way out to regain his freedom. Can you get rid of all the guards trying to catch you?

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In the Arkham Asylum Breakout game Batman's nemesis, the Joker, is locked up again! As usual, he doesn't stick around for too long and is already planning his escape. Can you help the infamous villain break out of Arkham Asylum and return to his life of crime?

Your job is to guide Joker through the underbelly of the asylum. You, his shovel, and his tools are his only hope! However, this job is far from easy, as the asylum staff is alerted and searching for the villain! Do you think you can go past all of them and break free?

How to Play

Even though Joker is a breakout master, you still have to run the controls! You only need your Arrow Keys to drill in whatever direction you want. Also, to go through your helping gadgets, you can use your X key and hit the Spacebar to use them! See? Escaping Arkham Asylum has never been easier, right?

With Joker on the loose, the whole asylum is on guard! Your job is not only to dodge the guards and doctors that follow you, but you should also be aware of the pests lurking around. However, if one of them catches you while you dig around, you will start over. Getting busted three times means that the Joker will return to his cell!

There are a few ways you can make your job easier. Firstly, you can use the obstacles to your advantage. Try digging underneath the boulders and barrels to make them fall on the chasers.

However, this move can be risky because your timing should be perfect. If you can get rid of your chasers with only the obstacles, escaping Arkham Asylum should be a piece of cake.

There's more you should know!

On the other hand, Joker still has some aces up his sleeve! For instance, you can find many of his trusty Power Tools around the underbelly of the asylum.

For example, you can stun the guys that follow you using his special spray! Also, you might find some extra tries if you look carefully. They look like Joker's face, so they are not easy to miss.

Are you ready to help Joker escape the Arkham Asylum? Let's see if you can dodge all the security guards and doctors to reach freedom!