Shadow Combat

Test your stealth and agility with the Batman: Shadow Combat game! Can you sneak into the warehouses discretely and disarm Joker's laughing gas bombs?

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You can't miss out on the Batman: Shadow Combat game if you are a true fan of the Dark Knight! Do you think you are skilled enough to take on Joker, one of the most famous villains in the history of DC Comics? He has placed laughing gas bombs all over Gotham City. Your job is to disarm them before he has a chance to use them for evil!

This stealth challenge consists of four different levels, taking place in warehouses all over Gotham city. Can you infiltrate them without being caught? What makes this game so fun is that you can choose to play as Batman or Batgirl. Once you have decided, start testing your shadow combat skills!

How to Play

Controlling Batman or Batgirl is easier than you think! Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move around the warehouse. To jump, all you need to do is use the Up Arrow. You can also crouch by using the Down Arrow. Do you need to attack any foe? Press the X key to deal a punch. Easy as pie!

Sneaking in the tight corridors of the warehouse requires plenty of agility and discretion. You'll notice that any time you walk, you'll generate noise that alerts the guards. Therefore, you need to crouch and even hide behind objects to blend in with the shadows. Be as sneaky as you can!

The trick about this game is that you need to take your foes by surprise! You'll notice that your health bar gets depleted easily. Rely on sneak attacks such as dropping on the enemies from above by double-pressing the Down Arrow!

Also, pay close attention to your environment! The Joker has set up a lot of traps that you can fall in. Beware of the lasers! To get past them, you'll need to coordinate and move swiftly! 

What else you should know

Have you noticed all the Batman symbols lying around? Make sure you pick them up as often as you can! You can use them to attack enemies from a distance by pressing the Space Bar. This awe-inspiring attack looks just like using a ninja star! However, you'll need to use it wisely, as the bat symbols are pretty scarce. Take a look at how many you have left at the top of the screen!

Pick up as many boosters as you can along the way! They'll fill up your health bar, making it easier for you to finish the mission. As you advance through the levels, you'll find that the enemies have more powerful weapons. We're talking about machine guns! Therefore, you need to avoid them and fill up your health bar as often as you can!

The tense atmosphere of this game will surely raise your adrenaline levels. You'll get such a rush when you finally manage to get to the bomb and disarm it! Prove that you can be as stealthy and intelligent as Batman with this thrilling challenge!