Danger in the Secret Passage

Play the Danger in the Secret Passage game to help Plastic Man collect many energy orbs. Dodge every upcoming obstacle to survive the dangerous passage!

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About Danger in the Secret Passage Game

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Plastic Man is up to a new adventure in the Danger in the Secret Passage game! He has to collect as many energy balls as possible from the Secret Passage. However, the place is full of obstacles, and he might not get out in one piece without some help. Can you join him and guide him through his journey?

Your role is to help Plastic Man find a way to go through every obstacle. But everything will move fast, and you might take a hit if your reflexes are not sharp! Will you be the right person to help the hero achieve his goal?

How to Play

There are three obstacle types, so you should learn the controls to get through each. Here is a list of everything you should know:

 - Down arrow key: Slide under obstacles.

 - Up arrow key: Jump over the gates.

 - Right arrow key: Jump between the obstacles.

If your timing is not on point, it's easy to get hit by everything. So keep an eye out for everything that might come your way!

There are many levels where you will have to grab orbs, and each one will be harder than the previous one! As you collect energy orbs, you will build up a score. Also, you will gain a combo if you pick up many in a row. However, it will all go to waste if you get hit! So, try to keep the combo for as much time as possible!

To clear a level, try to dodge all the obstacles until the timer is empty! However, you will also lose a life point if you get hit. Plastic Man has only three, and it's game over if you waste them all. Also, they pass to the next level so try to preserve them for as long as possible!

Are you ready to join Plastic Man in his journey through the Secret Passage? Let's see if you can dodge all the obstacles in your search for energy orbs!