LEGO: Mighty Micros

Feel the thrill of the chase with the LEGO DC Super Heroes: Mighty Micros game! Help Batman get a hold of villains by outrunning them with the Batmobile!

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About LEGO: Mighty Micros Game

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Play the LEGO DC Super Heroes: Mighty Micros game if you are a fan of high-speed armed races and superheroes alike! You'll get the chance to chase down three of the most hated villains in Gotham City: Mr. Frost, Catwoman, and Bane. What is more, each race you embark on will be a little different. Are you ready to see what lies ahead?

This game consists of multiple races that you can customize using gold. Move through Batman's mysterious ice cave and check out all the available options. Whenever you are ready, simply go to the room to the left ad get started. A wild race awaits!

How to Play

Luckily, the Batmobile isn't that hard to drive. Simply click anywhere around the steering wheel to get started. Next, move your cursor to the left or to the right to steer the car. You can also use the Left and Right arrow keys. It might seem pretty complicated, but you'll soon find it couldn't be easier. The car will run forward automatically, so don't worry about that!

Can you keep up with the villain's car? You'll need to navigate around traffic lights, cones, and other obstacles. Make sure you don't bump against them! Otherwise, you'll damage your car and lose valuable seconds in your chase. Don't let the baddies beat you!

To become faster, try to pass over the yellow portions of the racing track. They'll give you a good boost! You'll also come across bridges that take you above street level. They'll give you the chance to show off Batman's skills, outrun the enemy, and earn even more coins. Therefore, choose to take them as often as you can!

There's more you should know!

Keep your eyes on the bonuses along the way! Naturally, it's a good idea to focus on collecting as many gold coins as you can. So don't be afraid to go up on ramps and make some acrobatic jumps to get them.

However, you'll also need to pick up bats, which will constitute ammo for your Batarang. Try your best to go through the Batman hoops to see our protagonist perform cool air tricks and get extra points!

If you manage to get close enough to the villain, you'll get a chance to confront them. You and your foe each have three lives. Press the Space Bar to shoot the Batarang before your villain manages to hit you!

After every round, you'll find out how many coins you have managed to gather. Each one counts towards unlocking a new feature of the game. Therefore, whenever the yellow bar fills up, you should click on the present box. See what you've won! It might be a new level location, a different villain, or even a new storyline or vehicle. It's what makes this challenge so addictive and replayable!