Try the Cragsters game to dig deep into the ground and fight off every Nixel you encounter. Smash every foe using your energy field and destroy their king!

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About Cragsters Game

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The secret weapon of the Mixels, Cragsters Max, has a new mission to accomplish in the Cragsters game. He needs to dig deep into the ground and fight off all the little Nixels he encounters. However, the soil is full of obstacles, and the evil robots will not go down so quickly. Can you join the energetic monster in his task?

Your goal is to dig deep and use Cragsters Max's energy field to eliminate all the small Nixels. At first, your enemies will not be much of a threat. But as you get closer to their master, they will surely put up a fight! So, don't underestimate them, and watch out for any attack!

How to Play

You will only need your mouse for this mission! The Cragsters Max will dig on its own, and you only need to move your mouse around if you need to move him. To activate his energy field, hit the Left Click and hold it to increase its size. If you inflate the attack area, you can smash the Nixels that are further away from you.

There are a few stages you will have to clear, and at the end, you will have to fight Nixel's king! As you advance, the Nixels will try harder to take you down. For example, they will try to launch into the Cragsters Max or form formations to keep you away. As a result, all these attacks, combined with hitting the rocks you will encounter, will decrease your energy level. If your meter empties, it's game over, and the Nixels will win!

Don't worry! You might encounter some items that will help you out! For instance, if you destroy a golden globe with your ray, you will gain some energy. Also, if you smash the Mixel's colorful emblem, you will wreck all the surrounding Nixels in a flash. With these items on your side, you will surely destroy every foe you encounter and their king.

Are you ready to start digging and destroying every Nixel you encounter? If so, let's begin your journey and see if you can reach their king!