Mixels: Mix your neighbour

Test your matching skills in the Mixels' new challenge in the Mix your neighbor game! Choose a level type and match three or more same tribe tokens!

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About Mixels: Mix your neighbour Game

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The Mixels have prepared a new and challenging matching activity for you in the Mix Your Neighbor game! Each Mixel belongs to a tribe, but they sometimes combine to create monstrous creatures that fight their enemies, the Nixels. This time, they scrambled tokens of Mixels and threw them all over the board for you to mix and match! Will you take on this challenge?

Your role in this game is to match three or more tokens of Mixels belonging to the same tribe and beat each round's challenge! Whether it features a timer, limited moves, or creating a mix, you'll be able to pass all the levels with some practice!

How to Play

You will need your mouse to find the matches. To begin with, select a level between the four types: Mix, Time, Moves, and Nixels. Each round has a different challenge, but the mechanics are the same. You can match three or more tokens by clicking and dragging them to a row or column.

Here are the four types of levels and how to play them:

 - Mix: Match two given Mixels' tokens to create combinations.

 - Time: Match as many tokens as possible before the time runs out.

 - Moves: Reach the score within a limited amount of movements.

 - Nixels: Drop Nixels to the bottom of the board to collect them and reach your goal.

You don't have to match three identical tokens. As long as all the Mixels belong to the same tribe, the match is valid. You'll be able to tell the tribe by the token's color!

What else you should know

You'll receive a Max tile if you match more than three tokens. Once popped, the tile will remove the entire column and row it sits in.

As you progress, nasty Nixels appear on your board and block your moves. The only way to get rid of them is to pop every token underneath them and sink them to the bottom of the board. Then, they will slip out and disappear but can easily be replaced by others.

Are you ready to show off your matching skills to your Mixel friends? Let's get to work!