Fill the spiky territory with enormous plants in the Spikels game! Run around the round surface of the planet and plant flowers while avoiding Nixels!

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About Spikels Game

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Spikels Max is planting enormous flowers all over the planet in the Spikels game! The friendly robot has a big heart and wants to bring beauty to his otherwise rocky homeland. However, the Nixels are in the way as usual and want to ruin his fun! Will you bring life to the planet with your new friend?

Your role in this game is to help Spikels Max run around the planet, grab the seeds and plant them all over while avoiding the Nixels! Only you can bring some green to the Spikels' rocky territory!

How to Play

To plant the spiky trees, use your mouse. You can move your cursor from one side to the other to guide Spikels Max around the planet. First, he'll need to collect the apple-like seed. Then, he must walk all the way around to the hole. Once planted, the grain will turn into an enormous flower!

Nixels will run around, trying to catch up to Spikels Max. However, they can be easily avoided by turning around and walking in the opposite direction or jumping over them with one click. As you advance, they will multiply and walk at different speeds. It will be challenging to avoid them all, but not impossible!

If a Nixel catches up to you, you will lose a life point. You only have three chances to avoid them, or it will be game over. However, health can be replenished by picking up the red packs. They appear randomly and in a time of need, so keep an eye out!

Are you ready to become a master gardener and watch the Spikels tribe's planet bloom? Let's get to work!