Heroes United

Join Ben 10 and Rex Salazar as they join forces to battle evil in the Heroes United game. Fight the waves of EVOs as either hero and protect the city!

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About Heroes United Game

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Ben 10 and Rex Salazar must join forces to fight the evil EVOs in the Heroes United game! After a series of unfortunate events force Ben and Rex to interact, the two teenagers soon realize they have a common enemy. Together, they must save their hometown from the monsters before they destroy everything! Will you join the duo in their quest?

Your role is to protect the city by fighting and defeating the waves of EVOs as either Ben or Rex. Both heroes have different powers and abilities, so you can choose your fighting style and prove your skills. Only you can keep the city safe from the evil EVO army!

How to Play

To fight the waves of EVOs, you'll need to use your keyboard. Here are the controls:

 - Arrow Keys: Move around.

 - C: Jump.

 - Z: Punch.

 - X: Kick.

 - Z + X: Special Attack.

You can also use some key combinations to perform combos. For instance, press the Right arrow key twice + X to perform a Dash.

The more you hit your enemies, the more Super energy you'll gather, and you'll be able to use the Special Attack in two different ways. For instance, you will consume only one bar of your Super for a close-range Special Attack. If you want to hit EVOs all over the area with a powerful laser attack, you'll need to use both bars of your Super.

Throughout your adventure, some powerups will drop after eliminating certain enemies. You can collect those to increase your chances of winning against the EVOs. For instance, grab the Medical Kit to replenish your health or charge your Super bar with the golden cog or Omnitrix symbol.

There's more you should know!

Before you start the game, you can choose between two gameplay modes. One is the Story mode, which you can play alone or with a friend. However, if you prefer the combat over the story, you can choose the Versus mode and challenge your friends to battle.

When facing the EVOs alone, you can fight as either Ben 10 or Rex Salazar. If one of the characters runs out of health, the other will take over. When both heroes are defeated, it'll be game over.

Lastly, the game allows you to enter codes. Here's the list with all the available Cheat Codes:

 - invencible: Makes you invincible.

 - fragil: Switch to Ultra-Hard mode.

 - colossus: Get Super-Strength.

 - enemigos: Allow Friendly Fire.

 - energia: Doubles the Energy.

 - vidas: Extra lives.

 - powerups: Get more powerups.

Are you ready to become the greatest hero and save the city from doom? Your powers will lead you to victory!