Streets of Justice

Join Batman in the Streets of Justice game to stop Joker's mayhem around Gotham. Use Batmobile's weapons to destroy his car while keeping civilians safe!

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About Streets of Justice Game

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The Joker is on the loose in the Streets of Justice game, and Batman needs to chase him with his trusty vehicle and bring him down. However, the evil clown will not give up, and he has many traps to stop The Dark Knight! Can you join Batman in his efforts and help him keep Gotham City free of crime?

Your goal is to drive the Batmobile and use its weapons to stop Joker's vehicle. However, the streets of Gotham are full of civilian cars, and the clown will not bother with their safety! Can you catch him without causing harm to any civilians?

How to Play

Now that you're ready to enter the Batmobile, you should learn all the controls:

 - Arrow Keys: Move around.

 - Spacebar: Jump.

 - A: Toggle Heat Ray.

 - S: Fire Rockets.

 - D: Use lasers.

 - F: Activate shields.

If you learn to use all of Batman's vehicle features, you will have no problems destroying Joker's gateway car! However, it might take you a while to get used to everything!

You will have to complete three stages until you can reach the Joker! To do this, you need to fire your weapons and hit his vehicle until it stops. Also, you can receive some points for every shot!

However, try not to hit any civilian cars with your weapons because you will lose points. The best approach is to dodge them or to jump right over!

Besides your rockets and lasers, you can use Batmobile's other features to protect it from Joker's attacks. For example, you can use the Heat-Ray to foil freeze attacks shot by the clown's helping jet. Also, try to avoid the damage from Umbrella Bombs!

There is more you should know!

If you get hit by Joker's tricks, the damage meter of the Batmobile will increase, and the race it's over if it gets filled! However, you can reduce the harm by collecting the floating life points. So, if you think you're in trouble, slow down on attacking and quickly look for them!

Lastly, there are other tools to acquire a high score! On the streets of Gotham, you might find some floating Batman icons that can give you a point boost. The silver one will grant you fewer points than the gold one, but both are worth peaking up whenever you see them!

Are you ready to hit the streets of Gotham and bring down the evil clown? Let's see if you can dodge Joker's tricks and bring him down while keeping innocent citizens safe!