Batman Training Session

Try the Batman Training Session game to help the Dark Knight practice his fighting skills. Use your punches and kicks to take down many holographic thugs!

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About Batman Training Session Game

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Have you ever wondered what the Dark Knight needs to do to prepare for fighting crime? Well, you'll be learning all about it in the Batman Training Session game! Bats practices his fighting skills daily, using his computerized training session in the Bat Cave! Can you help him refine his moves to keep up with any criminal?

Your goal is to fight as many holographic thugs as possible! However, it would not be a proper training session if they wouldn't fight back! Therefore, be careful and don't get owned by them. Let's see if you got what it takes to survive Batman's training session!

How to Play

Even though it's hard not to go right into the punches, you first need to learn the controls! Here is a list of everything you have to know:

 - Right and Left arrow keys: Move Around.

 - Up arrow: Jump.

 - Down arrow: Duck.

 - A: Punch.

 - S: Kick.

 - Spacebar: Move in/out

There will be two lanes where you can fight, so always pay attention to where the thugs spawn and quickly go for them!

There are many levels of training, and each one will become more difficult as you progress. The goal is to take down several thugs before the timer goes out. However, you might have some extra missions to earn some bonus points! For example, you might fight the holograms with only your punches or kicks.

The thugs come in different shapes and sizes, and they might even have guns to fire at Batman. Be careful, though! Bats have a health meter that will go down if you take too much damage. Also, he will lose a life point. He only has three, and if all of them run out, the training would be a failure.

Are you ready to enter the Bat Cave and help the Dark Knight with his training? Let's start the computerized training session and see how many holograms you can take down!