Garfield Games

Play the Garfield Games to meet the famous lasagna-loving orange tabby cat 🐱! Enjoy plenty of adventures featuring the funny cat, his owner, and Odie!

Live the life of a spoiled orange cat!

If you've ever wondered what it'd be like to switch lives with a pet for a day, you can't miss out on Garfield Games! Can you imagine anything more relaxing than waking up at noon, napping all day, and being fed by a devoted owner? That's right, some cats are spoiled rotten. That's the case for our hero, a ginger tomcat called Garfield!

Our furry friend's story started in 1978 with a comic strip created by American cartoonist Jim Davis. His passion was to make people forget about their worries by creating funny comic strips featuring animals. Because dogs were wildly popular at the time, he thought to be original and used a cat!

Did you know that Jim grew up on a farm with twenty-five cats? Inspired by that and his grandpa's look and character, he drew a stocky orange cat with an iconic grumpy face. Little did he know he would become one of the most famous comic-book felines besides Hello Kitty!

The reason why Garfield and his adventures are so charming is that they help anyone forget their worries! You can ditch your daily life and step in the shoes of a purring hero.

Therefore, instead of going to school or doing chores, you can join Garfield in his cat activities. They include napping, eating lasagna, and getting in trouble, joined by his owner, Jon, and his dog friend, Odie. It sounds like a life worth living!

An unbreakable trio

Garfield is by far the most famous orange cat in the world! His cynical attitude has won him millions of fans of all ages. After all, who can't relate to his famous phrase: "I hate Mondays"?

However, few fans know that he was born in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant. That's where he developed his love for good food, especially lasagna. Because of his huge hunger, Mama Leoni was forced to give him away or close down her business, so she decided to sell Garfield. That's when Garfield met his new owner!

Jon Arbuckle is a cartoonist from Indiana who saw a big orange tabby in a pet store's window and fell in love! Since his dating life wasn't going well, he took Garfield in to help with loneliness. However, little did Jon know that the grumpy cat would help him get a girlfriend and add spice to his life. Even if Garfield mocks and annoys Jon always, the two share an unbreakable bond!

Odie is another one of Garfield's unlikely best friends. The duo adopted the adorable yellow dog when Jon's flatmate disappeared, leaving him behind. Jon decided to keep him, despite Garfield's protests. Even if he first underestimated the goofy beagle, he soon learns that the generally honest and kind dog has a taste for mean pranks. At the end of the day, the two remain best friends and loving companions for Jon.

Everybody knows pets hate the vet! However, this trio of pals loves Dr. Liz Wilson, especially Jon. Garfield's owner has a crush on the veterinarian after visiting her many times, thanks to his pets always getting in trouble. Luckily, she likes Jon too! Despite being jealous, Garfield finally accepts that he has to share Jon. That's how the trio became a quad!

Laugh out loud and test your skills with Garfield Games!

What makes Garfield's adventures with Jon and Odie especially enjoyable is the humor that can come from any situation. Usually, Jon goes to work, leaving his pets home to nap, chase mice, play tricks on each other, or get a mid-day snack. However, Garfield's cravings push him to enroll Odie on many gourmet adventures by leaving the house. When this happens, a relaxed afternoon can become hair-raising! If you'd like to help the chubby cat while testing your cold blood, try a spooky challenge like Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt game!

The cat and dog are so adaptable that they can work together anytime and anywhere. That's why the creators have fun imagining them in unexpected situations. You'll have the chance to see them in almost any location and costume, playing out well-known tropes in their unique funny fashion. For instance, you can join them for a fairytale-like platform journey with Garfield's Mystical Forest Adventure game!

Even if they're always up for mischief, there's one thing that Garfield and Odie are always serious about - their love for Jon. Whenever they're forced to be apart from their owner, the two pets combine their best skills to make their way back to him! Rather than being silly, these games force players to sharpen their skills and test their strategic thinking. For example, the Operation: Krazy Kennel Breakout game lets you play a vital role in Garfield and Odie making an escape and following Jon to London!

Whether they make you laugh or cry out in excitement, Garfield Games are always a fun pastime that helps you forget your worries! The unlikely friendship between a human, a dog, and a cat can inspire you. Even if you're lonely, hanging out with the orange cat and his best friends will make you smile!

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