Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt

Conquer your fears and prove your skills as a detective with Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt game! Help Garfield find yummy treats in the haunted mansion!

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About Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt Game

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Solve mysteries in a spooky mansion with Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt game! If you're a little Sherlock Holmes who loves finding clues and solving puzzles, you'll love this adventure with a famous orange fat cat! However, you'll have to face creepy monsters and dangerous objects to find all seven of Garfield's delicious treats. Hopefully, you're smart enough to solve all the puzzles and brave enough to survive the horrors of the spooky mansion!

The game allows you to join Garfield as he explores one of the creepiest places you can imagine. The horror house has two floors and many rooms. Besides, you can also find hidden rooms, basements, and attics! Mysteries can hide behind any corner, but so can creepy crawlies. Only the bravest detectives can find the delicious treats on Garfield's list inside the mansion!

How to Play

Are you ready for some hair-raising detective work? Here's how you can help Garfield find the gourmet goodies hidden inside the haunted house:

 - Arrow Keys / Arrows in the lower right corner: Move around. 

 - Mouse click: Interact with objects and persons.

Now it's time to gather your courage and get inside the house! You'll soon discover that locked doors can stand between you and a delicious treat. However, you can find a key nearby! Therefore, you should check out all the closets and objects around it!

Nevertheless, as you stick your nose where it doesn't belong, you can have unpleasant surprises! Gruesome monsters and unexpected dangers will jump at you when you least expect them. As a result, the red scare meter at the bottom of the screen will fill up. When it reaches its maximum, Garfield will run out of the house in terror. Yikes! All you have to do to fill it up is wait a while between clicks.

There's more you should know!

To check off all seven gourmet items on Garfield's snack list, your puzzle-solving skills will be tested. For instance, the library in the main hallway has a few books that need rearranging. If you discover the correct order, you'll uncover one of the mansion's mysteries! Similarly, you should check the coded safe in the upstairs bedroom or the musical instruments in the dining room.

Another helpful tip is to use objects to solve puzzles! Besides the four colored keys that open same-colored doors, you also have space in your backpack for four more items! They can help solve some of Garfield's problems. For example, the cheese in the kitchen could serve as a bribe for a mouse.

Only the bravest and smartest can fully discover the haunted house's mysteries and snacks! Given the game's complexity, you can spend hours in the company of a funny cat playing detective in a spooky place!

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