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About Super Mario Riders Game

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    Any Browser
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    Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
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    900 x 540
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Can you survive an exciting platform challenge? If so, you have to give the Super Mario Riders game a try! The little plumber is traveling through the Mushroom Kingdom again. Will you help him stay safe until he reaches his destination?

Mario is a brave adventurer, but this time, he needs assistance. Your task is to hop from one platform to another as you avoid danger. There will be many monsters coming for you, from angry mushrooms to carnivorous plants and even others! Will you be able to complete this challenge?

How to play the game

It's time to begin your journey! Once you start running, all you have to do is tap on the screen. Each time you click with your mouse, Mario will jump and avoid the enemies. Sounds easy as pie, doesn't it?

If you've played other games from this series, you know how dangerous the Mushroom Kingdom can be. It feels like there are obstacles everywhere, so you have to be very careful! Pay attention to the Goombas and Piranha Plants, and don't let them catch you. As you travel further, you will come across even more types of opponents!

The creatures aren't the only dangerous ones! If you're not cautious, you can fall into the water or run into the pointy spikes. Once this happens, you will have to restart the adventure from the beginning, so make sure to be careful!

What else you should know

Throughout the game, you will collect coins, which you can exchange for fun rewards. When you use them, you can unlock new players like Luigi, Toad, and Toadette. Do your best to pick up all the coins, and don't miss out on the chance to play as your favorite character!

Are you aiming for a new record? Then you should make sure to collect all the stars! Look out for the pink ones because they will give you 200 points each time. If you hit the golden blocks, you can also unlock some hidden rewards!

Well, how long will you be able to travel? Mario is counting on you to guide him through the Mushroom Kingdom. Begin your adventure, and stay safe!

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