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Discover a new world in Role Playing Movie game, with Mario and Luigi. Follow the story, and help Mario and Luigi fight the enemies in the Mushroom Kingdom!

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Have you met Mario and his friends? If your answer is yes, then we are sure that you know what adventures they have, and how much fun they have when they are together. But if your answer is no, then allow us to present you the Role Playing Movie game. You will learn, and discover here some of the best characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, and more than that, you have the unique chance to meet Luigi, Mario's best friend.

Mario and Luigi always helped each other when they were in trouble, and they made everything in their power to save the situation when needed. Today they are here with you, and they want to present you the whole story of the Mushroom Kingdom. The kingdom used to be different back in time, but one day, Goombas decided to secede from the Mushroom Kingdom, and they declared independence. 

After this thing happened, they attacked the pipes through which goods came to the castle. Only the most courageous citizens were able to save the situation, and those were Mario and Luigi. Since that day, they become close friends, and they did most of the things together. 

How to Play

During this game, not only that you have the chance to discover the real legend behind the Mushroom Kingdom, but you will also be able to take part in the adventure. There will be some fighting scenes, where you take control of the situation. To win the battles, you need to keep jumping to avoid the enemies. Jump by pressing the A and B buttons on your screen. You need to click on the buttons simultaneously, to have great results. To attack your enemies, use the attack button on your screen. You can attack solo, or with both Mario and Luigi, at the same time. 

After your attack, it will be your enemies turn to attack you, and you have to make sure that you avoid the attacks. If you manage to destroy every enemy before they waste your life, you win, and the story will have a happy ending.
While you watch the story, you need to keep clicking on the arrows that appear on the screen every time someone says something. If you do not do it, the story will not go on.

What else you should know

What do you say about finding out the best secrets about the Mushroom Kingdom, and spending time with Mario and Luigi? If you think that you will find some new information, and you will enjoy what you hear, we advise you to watch the story and to help Mario and Luigi be the heroes of the legend. We hope that you will like the movie and that you will be happy that you watched it. Keep in mind that you have a role in this story and that without your help, Mario and Luigi will not be able to defeat the enemies who threaten the Mushroom Kingdom. Take your friends with you, and discover the beauty of a new world together. We are sure that you will have some fun, and a good time.