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In the Mario Bus game, Mario is the driver and he needs to deliver the characters home safely. Help him to drive the bus through the Mushroom Kingdom!

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Whether you are going to believe it or not, in the Mario Bus game you do not have to fight anyone! On the contrary, Mario and his enemy, Bowser, became good friends. If you are interested in how this happened, all you have to do is stay with us, and play the game.

Everyone knows that the Mushroom Kingdom is a lovely place, where Mario and Princess Peach live. The land has beautiful views and many citizens. Unfortunately, Bowser attacks the Mushroom Kingdom frequently, and he kidnaps Princess Peach. Lately, this thing happened more than usual, and Mario had to save her every time. The people of Mushroom Kingdom are sick of war. Bowser is tired of Kidnapping Princess Peach over and over again, and Mario is tired of saving her. People of Mushroom Kingdom want to live their life and peace.

Mario World's characters needed a change

After so many kidnappings and so many savings, it became something ordinary for the Mushroom Kingdom's citizens to live such a life. Things remained the same, until one day when Bowser decided that he does not want to steal Princess Peach anymore, and he told his allies that he is sick of it. When Princess Peach heard it, she discussed with Mario, and they were more than happy to stop this routine. 

Now, Mario decided to take a bus, and everyone got inside. You will see that Princess Peach, Bowser, Luigi, Yoshi, The Mushroom, and Bowser's fighters are all together, in the same bus, going in the Mushroom Kingdom to celebrate the peace they made. Mario is driving the bus, and if he cannot bring all of them safely at home, there might be some problems. Be a cautious driver and deliver passengers safe.

How to Play

Use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys on your keyboard to control the bus, and make sure you arrive at your destination in the shortest time possible. You need to be careful because of the road which is full of rocks, hills, and valleys. If you do not drive the best you can, the buss will roll over. 
If you overturn the bus, the game ends, and you will need to restart the level. You have to pass eight different levels if you want to win the game, and live in peace for the rest of your life in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Now we are sure that miracles can happen if you are patient enough to wait for them. Princess Peach has never been happier in her entire life, knowing that her kingdom is safe and that it is going to remain like this all the time from now on. Bowser has proved that he can be a good friend if he wants to be one, and now that he does not threaten the Mushroom Kingdom anymore, the place can develop and become the best kingdom on earth. 

Good luck and have fun!

We are more than happy to hear this good news, and we hope that you will do your best to deliver everyone at home in the best conditions. Mario would be proud to have you on the bus with the rest of the team, and it is your chance to prove that you deserve a place there.

We wish you good luck, and we want you to have the best time of your life. Enjoy your moments as a bus driver with Mario, and always keep in mind to drive safe.