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Time your jumps carefully in the Mario Bros World game!! Are you brave and swift enough to face another version of this classic platform challenge?

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Are your reflexes sharp enough for the Mario Bros World game? Even if you have been on an adventure with the world's most famous plumber before, you are in for a treat. Would you like to try a twist on a classic jumping challenge? It's your chance to prove that you are a swift player. Beware, as this game will require nerves of steel and a lot of patience!

Can you get through all 30 stages of this adventure? You'll play the role of Mario, a plumber who jumps from platform to platform. Can you get past the obstacles collect the magical mushroom, then go through the gate towards the next level? It's time to find out!

How to Play

Can you believe that all you need to do is click from time to time? Mario moves automatically from one side of the room to another. You will need to press the left mouse button at the right moment to make him jump. Timing and precision are essential when it comes to this game!

The spikes will be your biggest enemy in this game. Try your best to avoid them! If you touch them once, you'll need to restart the level. Fine-tuning your reflexes is going to take a while! Therefore, it might take some time until you adapt to Mario's speed. 

Try to use every element in your environment to your advantage. The tricky part about this game is that you can't turn your character. To change the direction, you need to touch a wall or jump against a pipe.

Try to figure out how to jump on the platforms at the right time, in the correct order! Remember, you have to pick up the green mushroom first! Only after that you can make your way to the castle!

When it comes to this jumping game, repetition is the key to success. In the beginning, a stage of the challenge might seem impossible to pass. However, if you persevere, you'll find that you become faster and more agile with each try. Are you precise enough to finish this new Mario challenge?