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Play Mario Miner game and get the required number of points in each level! Collect golden and silver coins by grabbing them with a catcher machine!

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About Mario Miner Game

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The Mario Miner game features the well-known plumber in the middle of a mining mission. Remember when playing similar games having Marion in the featured role back in the '90s? We used to descend into green pipes to teleport to an underground world. Can you remember what we were looking for back then? Right! Coins! In this game, you have the opportunity to help Mario to collect coins by grabbing them with a special machine.

The ground is filled with coins, both silver, and gold. But you have to pick them wisely – there are multiple threats hidden within the field. Don't be surprised to grab a useless stone, or even a bomb accidentally!

How to Play

The primary objective of the game is to achieve the minimum number of points required in each level so you can proceed to the next one. You can only do that if you manage to collect enough coins or diamonds within the given timeframe. There are sixty seconds in each level, so you have to think wisely!

There is a catcher tool that Mario can use to grab the goodies, which is moving from the left to the right, on the upper side of the screen. All you need to do is to press the Grab button at the right timing to collect the desired items. The trick is to learn when you can release the catcher tool so it wouldn't get blocked by obstacles, such as stones, barrels or magnets.

While you advance through the levels, it will get increasingly harder to get the required number of points needed to pass to the next one. This is why you should do your best to gain extra points in the first levels so it would be a bit easier afterward in the more difficult ones.

Useful tips and tricks

Another thing you should know is that there are also some power-ups you can use to make your job easier, whenever you need. The first one is the Bomb, which you can use to blow away the obstacles in your way. There is also a Speed-Wheel which you can use when accidentally grabbed something by mistake and want to speed up the collecting process, so it would spare some additional time. The last one is a Clepsydra which will give you some extra time for the level currently in progress. Every now and then, you might find additional power-ups in some levels, so do your best to get them since they really come in handy!

Try to quickly put in place a strategy at the beginning of each new level. Basically, you should focus on how to get the items which will bring you the highest number of points first. Following this idea, try to grab the items in their priority order: diamonds first, then the golden coins, and lastly the silver ones.

Test yourself and see what the highest level you can beat is! Submit your score and challenge your friends to find out who is the best miner!