Super Mario Castle

Help Mario explore the castle from the Mushroom Kingdom in the Adventure of Super Mario Castle game. Clear all the levels to find out a secret at the end!

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Mario is one of the best persons in the Mushroom Kingdom. Because of his acts of courage, and his big heart, he gained the sympathy of Princess Peach, and they become close friends. Now, Princess Peach asks for Mario's help all the time, and Mario helps her with pleasure. Today, he has the chance to visit Princess Peach's castle, in the Adventure of Super Mario Castle game. He will explore new chambers, and he will see how it is to live in a castle.

The only problem is that he found some creatures inside it, and now he has to get rid of them before the Princess gets too scared. For each stage of the game, there is a different level that you have to pass, to win the game, and save the situation.  Help Mario fight against all his enemies in the castle, and beat them. If you complete all the stages, you will reveal the secret of the castle. We knew it looked like a new adventure, or Mario would not have been so happy about it.

How to Play

To help him pass the levels, you need to use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys to control Mario during the levels. Jump using either the Spacebar or the up arrow key on your keyboard. You will find gold coins in your way. Collect them all for a good final score, and do not forget to seek for them in the rocks. Jump to hit the rocks, and they will reveal the coins to you. More than that, you can find mushrooms, which will help you, grow up fast, and change your form. 

If an enemy touches you, you will lose a life, and you need to restart the level from the beginning. When you lose all your lives, the game ends, and you lose the chance to find out the mystery of the castle from the Mushroom Kingdom.

It is even possible to become a king at the end of the game, depends on how good you play, and on what kind of secret you will discover. Be careful at the rocks, and do your best not to fall. If you fall, you will lose your life too. You can destroy your enemies if you jump on their heads. 

It does not matter if you cannot fight very well at the beginning, the most important thing to do is to keep on trying, and do not give up after the first tries. You will win this game if you do not quit. We are sure that you can do anything you want, and this is why we put our trust in you, that everything is going to be all right in the end. Mario counts on your help because he knows you are a good friend. Do not let him down, and be on his side this time. We hope that you will enjoy this adventure and that you will have a good time with Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom. Do not forget to have fun, and things will be all right.