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About A Koopa's Revenge 2 Game

  • Game Type
  • Requirements
    NuMuKi Browser
  • Supported Devices
  • Game Resolution
    900 x 650
  • Last Updated
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    8582 times
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    209 times
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It is Bowser’s birthday party in A Koopa’s Revenge 2 game. And he should enjoy it with his closest friends. But when Koopa returns from his little room, he finds out that all of the friends are missing. Play this amazing game and help our hero to find out what happened with our lovely friend.

Usually, Mario is a good character. Here, Mario and his friends have stolen the goomba pals, and they are keeping them in remote places. Koopa seeks revenge and takes on Wario, has a fight with Princess Peach in the forest, and takes down Waluigi. Once he finds himself in the great pyramid, he even fights Luigi, defeating him in the battle.

There are only four out of the five goomba pals rescued. And that can mean only one thing. That he must now proceed to Mario’s castle. Will this confrontation be easy? Will he manage to save the remaining pal and return to the birthday party? You are the only one that can find out and save his friends from the dangerous new Mario. 

How to play the game

The speaker boxes will be there to guide you every step of the way, so do not be afraid if you do not know what to do all of the time. In one of the playing modes, you can use the “S” button to jump or bump into the useful boxes. The “F” button will be used to search into the item box and the “P” button to pause your adventure. Press the “A” button whenever you need to attack. And move with the arrow keys.

Usually, Koopa is not afraid of anything. But the confrontation with Mario takes an unexpected turn as he comes in front of Koopa dressed in a giant mech suit.

As he destroys Mario, he finds himself in another tricky situation. An evil ship kidnaps the last goomba, the lovely Bowser. And takes him far away. The enemy ship starts to fire its dangerous weapons.

And this is where you must show your worth as a true warrior. You will find yourself in a remote isle, with so many chambers and mysteries that you need to solve to bring Bowser home sooner. From a room in which you can switch the characters to a music hall where you can collect musical pieces, every quest must be completed. It is the only way to save the day.

What else you should know

Make sure you collect the coins and protect yourself from any danger that might challenge you and stop you from completing your quest.

And do not forget the fact that you are a turtle. You can use this advantage to jump higher or to slide. Do anything you might find useful, and that will help you get to your friend faster. 

There are unlimited adventures in this isle. And you can enjoy them all while searching for your best friend. So what do you think? Are you ready to help the lovely turtle out and return to the birthday party? Wait no longer, and let’s do this!

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