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Play the Mario Pick Star game, and help Mario collect all the stars from the trees. Build towers of blocks which Mario can climb to get to the stars!

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About Mario Pick Star Game

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There was a stars rain above the Mushroom Kingdom recently. Stars are a valuable resource for the Mario world, and now someone has to collect all of them. The problem is that the stars are stuck high in the trees. In the Mario Pick Star game, your goal is to help Mario get the stars. Let's see if you come up with a method to collect all the stars before the time runs out. 

Already figured it out? He needs your help to build a pillar of blocks, and he can climb on it to collect the stars. To construct the column, you need to click above the line on your screen, and the blocks will fall. If your column of blocks is not strong enough, and if it falls, Mario will fall too, and you will need to restart the level. 

Be careful because the levels will be harder and harder, as you pass them. There are twelve levels you need to complete, and you will do it only if you collect all the stars without falling. The stages' difficulty increases as you progress throughout the game so you will have to come up with new solutions for how to build the tower block. Mario will not be able to do this thing without your help, and this is why we ask you to be there for him. Each star will bring you some points, and you will be able to have a good final score at the end of the game.

Useful tips

It is important to remember that you work against time. You need to finish the levels as fast as you can but take your time, in the beginning, to think about how you want to build the tower.

Even if you are not able to build the best towers at first, do not give up after the first tries. In a short time, you will have the best towers, and you will be able to help Mario climb up to the sky after the gold stars. 

Play the game with your friends, and see which one of you is the best, and who finishes the game faster. We are sure that you will have some great time together with Mario, and more than that, you will help him deliver the start to Princess Peach who is waiting for him in the Mushroom Kingdom. We wish you good luck, and we hope that you will enjoy the game and this mission as much as we do it.