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Play the original Super Mario Bros game online for a trip down memory lane! Can you complete all eight worlds? Now available on Mobile Phones and Tablets!

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About Super Mario Bros Game

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    845 x 570
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Are you ready to start one of the most exciting platformer adventures of all time? Well, the Super Mario Bros game will remind most of you about those priceless childhood times when sharing the joystick with your best friend while guiding Mario around bricks and pipes. Those good old days, right?

The good news is that you can now play the same old game on any device of your choice. The mission is always the same, though. You'll need to guide Mario through multiple levels in the attempt to reach Bowser and save princess Peach(aka Toadstool). Will you manage to do this one more time?

How to Play

Let's start with the game controls, which are quite straightforward:

 - Left/Right arrow keys: Move left or right.

 - Spacebar/Up arrow key: Jump.

 - Down arrow key: Crouch.

 - Shift: Throw fireballs.

Along the route, there are a lot of coins that Mario can gather for points, so try not to miss any. At the same time, the bricks marked with a question mark might hide even more coins or special items, so help Mario hit those with his head. Sometimes, even what may appear as a regular brick might actually hold some rare items or coins, so it's best to check everything!

When it comes to enemies, there are many of those as well. Depending on the situation, Mario can use different strategies to defeat them:

 - Jump on their heads: This will always do the job against enemies like Goombas or regular Koopas. However, it might be trickier to use against more powerful enemies, such as flying Koopas.

 - Hit the bricks: Mario can also hit the brick underneath an enemy to take him down.

 - Shoot Fireballs: This is by far the most effective way to take down any enemy. However, this ability must be enabled first since it's not available by default.

Now that you know the basics, you should be prepared for the journey ahead. It will be a long one since the game features eight different worlds, each split across four sub-stages. The good news is that you can use the Map Select button to choose any world and chapter whenever you want!

There's more you should know!

Mario has to reach the finish line in each stage within a specific amount of time, displayed at the top. Failing to do so will cost him one life point.

Speaking about life points, Mario will start with a fixed number of those. He will lose one each time he touches an enemy, falls in a pit, or runs out of time. However, there is a rare mushroom power-up that will grant Mario more life points once collected, so look for those.

Luckily, there are also a bunch of power-ups you can use to make your job easier. Here's all you need to know:

 - Super Mushroom: Eating one of these will help Mario double his size and turn into Super Mario. He also gets the ability to break bricks. At the same time, getting hit while in this form will make Mario smaller again instead of killing him!

 - Fire Flower: This will transform Mario into Fire Mario. And that's how he can start throwing fireballs at his enemies.

 - Super Star: Getting this rare item will provide Mario invincibility for a limited time. He can also take down enemies with a single touch.

Lastly, there are some secret areas and bonuses within the game. The access to those is usually through a pipe, so keep that in mind. Sometimes, entering such areas will help you advance to later stages of the game, skipping the ones in between.

So, what do you think? Will you start a trip down memory lane with Super Mario Bros?