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Play the Ultimate Mario Run Game and assist Mario in yet another adventure! Help him to escape the Flesh-Eating CannonBall that's closely chasing him!

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Time is against you in this Ultimate Mario Run Game! All the well-known characters, monsters of the Turtle-like breed Koopa, Yoshi dinosaurs, and Diddy Kong's monkeys have gathered against Mario once again.

You will need to use the keyboard to control Mario during gameplay. But there is a twist! You are on the run! Not only you need to fight your way to freedom against all these enemies, but you can't linger too much in one place either.

A giant black CannonBall is following you, and it destroys everything it touches. Will you be the one to guide Mario in this final quest of bravery and friendship?

How to Play

The game features five levels of increasing difficulty. However, keep in mind that you can unlock a new level only after finishing the previous one successfully. You can also pick your choice of character: Will it be the old-schooled 2D pixeled Mario or the 3D model?

To control Mario, use only the four Arrow Keys. No special effects or powers added. Use the Up Arrow Key if you want to jump.

You might have some difficulties even within the first level. The classic Mario race game pattern remains. You need to advance through the gameplay, to run and jump over obstacles in your way.

The tiny little monsters and winged Koopa turtles will try to stop you. Should you get too close to them, the game is over. Try squashing them by stepping on their heads (and earn extra points) or avoiding them altogether by jumping up-high.

While the musical boxes give you extra-force to jump, make sure not to end up right into the sharp, terrifying fangs of the Koopa turtles. Shoot for coins and the mistery boxes: Will it be a mushroom? Will there be coins? No one knows. Congratulations! You've completed the first level! Say bye-bye(for now) to the flesh-eating CannonBall as you go down the pipe to the next level.

The journey demands that we go underground. In the dark, creepy depths of the cave,  Mario needs your guidance to overcome more obstacles. Starting with fireballs shooting up straight from lava to spiked-armored turtles that jump right into your face when you were least expecting it!

The game will get increasingly harder with each level. The general rules (avoiding your enemies, the CannonBall that's chasing you) still remain. Explore each realm, and its plots and make your majestic entrance in the final level, which takes place in the Castel. What new adventures are waiting for you there? How will you cast away the Giant CannonBall for good? See for yourself how the game ends!

Tips and tricks

Beginning with level one, you will see that, to get to a specific high spot,  some more 'lively' stairs need to be used: Koopa Turtles! You will need to utilize their heads as bouncing points for the next jump, all while earning extra points for destroying your enemy!

It may seem daunting at first, but don't worry. You will get the hang of it! You might also need to go back a few stairs and try jumping from over there. Be careful! The black CannonBall is right behind you!

In the last levels, be sure to press the yellow Alarm Buttons on your way. Otherwise, you will fall into the dark abyss underneath. The path, the actual solid blocks that pave your way, will not show itself unless you step on this item. But keep your fingers on the jumping key! Bricks are not the only items that will appear suddenly!

Always, but always look for the CannonBall. Should he get too close, it's over! Prove your friendship, and make sure that Mario finishes the race in one piece!