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Everything is not what it seems in the Unfair Mario game. The traps will be everywhere without you knowing it. Overcome them all and pass the levels!

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About Unfair Mario Game

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It is Super Mario again. Our beloved little fellow invites you to travel alongside him throughout the Unfair Mario game. You will find yourself in the classic arcade game, but this time, with a little twist. Some traps will be trickier, and some obstacles harder to overcome. But you will survive it, will you not? 

So many things to learn from this fabulous yet challenging game. And the most important one is that everything is not what it seems. If the path appears smooth and the blocks are ready for you to jump, then you would better think again. In this game, even the simple road might be a dangerous trap.

Challenge: If you like this one, see if you can also beat the Cat Mario game.

You might be wondering what your purpose is here, right? Well, all you need to do is survive for as long as you can. Run fast, memorize the steps, and do not fall into strategically placed traps. You must not believe everything that this game tells you. Or maybe you should?! Let’s see for ourselves. 

How to Play!

The controls of this game are the classical ones. Just use the arrow keys to move Mario around. The Up arrow key will be used for jumping over the dangers that you will encounter on your way.

But what are the risks, specifically? Here, everything can be dangerous, for sure. But the more dangers you see, the more exciting it will get.

Gimps will appear out of nowhere, obstacles will fall above your little Mario, and other blocks will randomly appear where you need them less. Some things will move when you need them to stay, and others will freeze when you need them to move. So challenging, yet so rewarding, once you finish a level. The satisfaction that you will get can not be measured.

Be careful, though. Anything that gets you will kill you. But it is alright. Because every failure will help you understand the road better. Make sure you remember the traps from one death to another. And remember that the levels get more difficult as you evolve.

Nothing can stop you, though. Right? Prove your worth and show us what you’ve got!

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