Mario War

You need to protect the Mushroom Kingdom and Princess Peach in the Mario War game. Use the arrow keys to move, and the Spacebar to shoot your enemies!

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The Mushroom Kingdom is in danger today. The evil Bowser declared war, and now everyone tries to survive the situation from the Mushroom Kingdom. The Princess Peach stays hidden, but if the evil enemies find her, they will take her away, and leave the Mushroom Kingdom without a princess. It is Mario's job to protect her the best he can and to destroy the enemies in the shortest time, in the new Mario War game. 

You have to help Mario save the Mushroom Kingdom and to protect the Princess Peach before the enemies get to her. You can ask a friend to help you, and go at war with him together. You can play the game as a single player, or as two players. If you choose to help Mario alone and play in the single-player mode, you have to use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move Mario from one side to the other one of the game board, and the Spacebar key on your keyboard to shoot your enemies.

How to Play

If you decide to bring a friend with you, you will use the arrow keys for the first player, and for the second player, use the A, S, D, and W keys to move the character from one side to another, and the Q key to shoot. 

You need to collect the items that appear on your way during the game. Mario's head will increase your lives, the fire icons will improve your power, the boots help you increase your speed, and the walls will help you for double protection. 

You will lose your lives if your enemies shoot you, or if they destroy your base. You will lose your lives if your enemies shoot you, or if they ruin your base. You need to do your best to protect the place where Princess Peach stays because the whole game depends on it. 

What else you should know

You cannot leave Mario alone now, especially when he needs you the most. The Mushroom Kingdom's faith depends on you, and without your help, and strength, we do not know what would happen in the place where Mario loves to spend most of the time. Ask your friends for help, and try to do your best for Princess Peach and Mario. The whole Kingdom depends on you today. 

If you ever wanted to be a hero and to save a kingdom from the evil hands of the villains, it is your chance to do it. Everyone will remember you, and they will know that you are a loyal friend on which they can count any time. Even if it is hard at first, do not give up, and keep on trying as much as you can. You will win the battle only if you do not give up after the first tries. We know that you are strong enough to fight with the enemies, and win the war. We wish you good luck, and we want to hear some good news from you regarding the Mushroom Kingdom and the battle. Do not forget to have fun.