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Play the Mario Protect Princess game, and help Mario protect the Princess Peach from all the enemies who attack her. Shoot the enemies and save the kingdom!

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One way or another, Princess Peach always finds troubles where she goes. Someone tries to kidnap her or to hurt her every day. The Evil King Bowser wants to rule her kingdom, and without Mario who is always there to stop him, he would succeed. In the Mario Protect Princess game, Mario needs to do his best to stop all the enemies who try to hurt the princess.

It is not an easy job to do, especially that the enemies are strong, and they come all at once. Mario and the Princess Peach are in the Mushroom Kingdom's forest, and Mario tries to shoot all the enemies on his way. Help him do this thing, and protect the princess.

Use your mouse to move the shooter, and to control Mario's moves. Click on the enemies to shoot them, and destroy them. If you hold the mouse button for a longer time, you can hit them harder and faster, and they will die instantly. 

Shoot down all your enemies!

When the enemies pass through Mario, they are close to the Princess Peach, and they can attack her. When Princess Peach gets too many attacks, she falls, and Mario will be helpless. You need to stop the enemies before they get to her.

You can kill more enemies at the same time if you want. All you have to do is have good aiming skills so that you can get rid of more trouble at once. If your princess gets in trouble, you will have to restart the level and save her all over again. Do not let this thing happen, and fight like a hero to protect her and the Mushroom Kingdom.

We believe in your hero powers, and we know that you can help Mario accomplish his mission to the end. Do not give up after the first tries, and you will see that the victory will be yours.