Mario Invaders

Save the planet from the aliens in the Mario Invaders game. Move to dodge bombs and missiles and launch attacks towards the enemy extraterrestrial armies!

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About Mario Invaders Game

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The Mario Invaders game is a mash-up of two of the most favorite games worldwide. Here, Mario takes charge against the alien forces that are trying to invade the planet Earth. This will positively be a tight battle, but with your handy help, no alien will land on the mother planet.

Your aim here is to make sure that every alien in destroyed before they reach the soil. Once they manage to land, there will not be much to do but prepare to lose the fight. The enemy has many armies and will come down in waves to overwhelm you!

How to Play

You have at your disposal two tools to defend yourself against the attackers in this game. You can either use your keyboard or your mouse. In other words, to move Mario from one place to the other, you need to slide your mouse left or right. If you feel more comfortable with your keyboard, you can press the Left and Right arrows for the same purpose. 

Unfortunately, moving around like a lunatic on the ground will not scare the invading aliens away. You have to launch powerful attacks to pulverize them while they are still in the air. To do that, you can click anywhere on the screen or press the Space Bar. Each projectile Mario launches will destroy only an enemy!

If you thought that facing a whole wave of enemies alone at one time is too much for you, then you can rest assured because there is some help on the way. Shield power-ups will fall from time to time from the sky. You should collect them to get some extra protection against their attacks. Unfortunately, they will function for a limited amount of time, but nevertheless, they are quite useful! 

Good luck dodging all the bombs and have fun fighting against those aliens!