Mario Bros vs Monsters

In Mario Bros vs Monsters game, you have to protect the stars that bring Mario power, from the monsters that attack it. Use all the help to destroy them.

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We all know that Mario is a hero in The Mushroom Kingdom where he fights with many monsters, and protects the citizens from there. Today, in the Mario Bros vs Monsters game, not only that he has to protect the citizens, but he needs to protect the stars that he collects all the time to get more points. 

If he does not protect the things that make him stronger, he will end up without powers, because the monsters found out what is the source of energy for Mario. Mario needs all the help he can get to defeat all the monsters from the Mushroom Kingdom, and his friends are here for him. You can help him too, and be a hero with Mario. 

The game has some simple rules, and if you follow them, everything will be all right. On the upper side of your screen, you will see Mario. Click on him, and drag him with your mouse to the green path on the screen. The monsters will start to walk on the way, reaching for the star at the end of the road. Place Mario in front of the monsters, and he will shoot them, making their life decrease. While he attacks the monsters, you should be careful that some suns will fall on your screen. Click on it to collect all of them for a higher score. 

Beware of the monsters!

Be careful because the monsters can attack too. If they hit Mario for too many times, he will disappear from your screen, and you need to wait until you can place him again. You win a level if you manage to destroy all the monsters before they steal the star. If the monsters succeed to do it, the game ends, and you have to start the level again. 

As you pass the levels, new characters will come to help you. For example, the blue mushroom will be there to slow down the enemies attack. All you have to do is place it on the ground, in front of the monsters, and it will do its job. The yellow mushroom has one of the biggest appetites that Mario has ever met, and it can eat two enemies at the same time if you ask for its help. 
The flower can provide extra sunshine, which will slow down the monsters. The mega mushroom can instant kill one enemy for you. Luigi is a close friend of Mario, and he can stop the enemies attack for a short time. More than that, Princess Peach decided to join the fight, and she can instant kill the nearby enemies. 

All you have to do is place these characters in the fight field, and wait for them to protect the stars. It will not be an easy task to do, because you cannot place all the characters at once. You have to decide who you want to protect the stars, and you can chance the heroes between them after their job is over.

Good luck!