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About CG Mario Level Pack Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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    960 x 560
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One of your favorite games has revived in the CG Mario Level Pack game. But what is truly remarkable about it is that everything has been refreshed. This new version of Mario has slightly different challenges that will thrill you while you are playing. Any true Mario fan would be more than crazed to try it out!

As you probably know already, Mario, the hero of this game, is trying to save his princess. He has to defeat many enemies and squeeze through pipes and tight spaces to get closer to the place she is kept hostage. Your help is the only hope he has on this long journey to his sweetheart.

How to play the game

For this game, you will only need to use your keyboard. Because Mario needs to explore these catacombs and move around, you will need to use the Left and Right arrows to control him. He can also jump quite high when you press the Up arrow; this skill will come in handy, you'll see. Also, Mario can travel through pipes. For that, you should press the Down arrow, and he will slide away!

Every now and then, some mystery golden boxes will appear. These hide some treasures that only Mario can unveil. You can get them by jumping underneath them. Usually, you will get coins, but sometimes, when you hit a more special box, you can get upgrades! These will turn our guy into an evolved version of himself that can even launch attacks. When in that form, press the X key to throw balls of fire at your enemies.

Sometimes, little evil guys can become a pain in the neck to you. There is a way of getting rid of them, regardless of the form you are in. If you've had enough of them, simply make Mario jump on their hears. That will undoubtedly knock them out for good!

There's more you should know!

This game might be simple at first sight, but some things make it a little more challenging than you would expect. For instance, there is a time limit to reach the end of each level. If you slouch too much, you will not get there in time to save the damsel in distress!

Remember that when you are in the normal Mario state, you are highly vulnerable to any attack! Even the slightest touch can make you lose the game instantly. You ought to take extra care and try to find some upgrades quick!

You will have loads of fun in this refreshing version of an all-time favorite game! You will certainly enjoy the new looks and the challenging layout of the levels. Good luck and fingers crossed for your princess!

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