Ghost Island

In the Ghost Island game, you have to help Mario explore the new island he found. Use the arrow keys to move, and eliminate the enemies on your way.

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About Ghost Island Game

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As you know, Mushroom Kingdom is a familiar place to Mario. He knows every turn of every path, and you might as well remember them if you already have played a few games with Mario. But when Mario ventures on the ocean, he discovers an island full of peculiar mysteries. The Ghost Island game presents a dangerous place, where ghosts will lurk within the darkness, waiting for the perfect moment to attack. You can go and see what you can find there, together with Mario!

The island hides some secrets that no one has discovered until now. Mario is an adventurous spirit, and he loves to go on different missions. It was his chance to see what he can find on the island and discover its mysteries. If he goes alone, there are big chances of never coming back, and if he gets lost there, or if something happens to him, the Mushroom Kingdom will always be in danger. Go with him, and protect Mario from the creatures from the island, but most important, protect him from the ghosts.

How to Play

Use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys on your keyboard to control Mario. With the left and right arrow keys, he will move from one side to the other one. The down arrow key will make Mario lean to the ground, and the up arrow key will make him jump. More than that, you can use the Spacebar key or the Z key on your keyboard instead of the up arrow key to jump.

The purpose of the game is to find the golden eyes, to unlock the door from the beginning of the level. Collect all the coins for a good final score, and after you picked up all the eyes, turn back, on the same route as you walked the first time. Be careful because if you fall, or someone touches you, you have to restart the level. You have five lives, and when you run out of lives, the game will be over. The level ends when you turn back from where you started, safely.

Defeat your enemies

Jump on your enemies heads to kill them, but be careful because some of them might kill you even after you jump on them. For example, if you jump on a turtle two times, it will start to roll from one side to another very fast, and if it touches you, you will lose a life. On some creatures, you cannot jump at all, because they have spikes on their back, and it will kill you. 

Be careful, and you will discover all the secrets of the ghost island. We are sure that you will enjoy the place after all, if you give it a chance.
Pass all the levels to become the best player, and resolve the island's mystery. We wish you the best of luck, and we hope that you will have fun. Do not get scared and give up after the first tries. A true explorer will always seek for more in his missions.