Super Mario Rampage

Play the Super Mario Rampage game, and help Mario and Luigi fight against the enemies from the Mushroom Kingdom, using the A, S, D, and W keys.

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Everyone knows that Mario and Luigi have the best adventures and that they make a super team together. Whenever someone has to save Princess Peach or to fight with the evil King Bowser, Mario and Luigi are here to help us and save the day. The Mushroom Kingdom would not be the same happy and peaceful place without the two friends who fight against evil forces all the time, and who protect the citizens from the Mushroom Kingdom. In the Super Mario Rampage game, you have the chance to help Mario and Luigi get rid of all their enemies!

One day they were walking on the streets of the kingdom, and they discovered that many creatures sent by the evil King Bowser are still there, terrorizing the citizens. Mario and Luigi decided to stop them, and they started to destroy each one of them. Help them resolve the problem as fast as possible, and save the Kingdom together with your favorite heroes.

How to Play

Use the A, S, D, and W keys on your keyboard to move and jump over the obstacles. Jump on top of your enemies to destroy them, and make them disappear. Be careful with the turtles. If you hit them, they will start to roll from one side to the other one, and they can attack you. Hit them two times, and they will stop. More than that, remember that you can destroy your enemies if you shoot them, using the J key on your keyboard.

Make sure you collect all the money you find, to have a good final score. Hit the walls and the rocks to make the coins appear. More than this, you can find mushrooms and flowers that give you power-ups, and that will help you grow up fast. If an enemy touches you, you will lose your power-ups, and if you are in the child version of Mario, you will lose a life. When you lose all your lives, the game ends, and you will be able to see how many points you collected along the game. Make sure you collect every item that awaits you, and that you destroy all your enemies if you want to pass the level. 

Be a part of Mario and Luigi's team, and help them keep the Kingdom a safe place for everyone who wants to visit, or live there. You can even tell a friend about it, and see which one of you can get a better score at the end of the game. We are sure that you will enjoy the time spent in the Mushroom Kingdom, and that you will love to fight next to Mario and Luigi for the Princess Peach. All you have to do is to keep on playing the game, no matter what happens, and do not give up after the first tries.

Good luck!