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Fight the evil forces and escape the maze in Super Mario Bomb 2 game. Place the bombs, collect the goodies, and destroy the enemies right now!

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About Super Mario Bomb 2 Game

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The Super Mario Bomb 2 game is no typical Mario game. This is a war between the forces of good and evil. The faith of the entire Kingdom is in your crafty hands. So join your favorite characters inside this confusing maze and find your way out without getting killed by the bombs around you. Do you have what it takes to do this? 

Mario and his best friends will be trapped inside a tricky maze. Here, they will need to strategically place some bombs and kill the enemies or destroy the blockades to escape it and save the city from evil. You are the only one that can help them get out. But be careful and do not let the fire of the bombs get to you. Because this will kill you, too. 

Find your way out of the maze!

This game gives you the ability to play with your friends and family, too. For a single-player, the commends are the arrow keys for moving and the spacebar for shooting some dangerous bombs. But if you play alongside your best buddies, then the arrow keys and the A, S, D, and W keys will be for moving your characters. 

The spacebar and the Enter button are needed for you to shoot the bombs. To pause the game if you want to take a breath or read the instructions a little bit more, just press on the P button.

Now that you know your commands select the play mode and the difficulty of the game. You will also have the ability to choose the character that you want to be in the center of your story. 

Just like any other Super Mario game, this thrilling adventure has some collectible goodies that you will encounter on your way. But these are slightly more different than the others. The green mushrooms will give you an extra life, and the red ones will be there to help you push some more bombs. 

Useful Tips and Tricks

The bombs are not the only ones that you can use. Depending on the collected token, you can also place some mine bombs or throw grenades over the wall. You can shoot rockets or even some fire if you have the right ammunition. And how about freezing the enemy? Or to create a bigger explosion, just search for those beautiful flowers. 

To confuse the enemy, collect the cloud tokens and use them wisely. The lucky star will offer you a highly needed protection shield that will block the attacks of your enemies. And remember that here, instead of collecting money, you will be collecting tiny bombs. So empty your pockets, because you will need the space for the weapons.

Every bomb that you or your friends are going to place will explode, eventually. And it will destroy everything in its way. So make sure that neither your bombs nor the ones of your friends catch you. We are confident that you have what it takes to escape this maze. So wait no longer and begin!

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